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The world’s easiest applicators for subcutaneous delivery of drugs.

TUGI® - a reliable assistant for administering medication from pre-filled syringes!

At Medica 2021 in Düsseldorf, we will officially launch TUGI® applicators in the German market.

If you are interested in trying out certified TUGI®applicators now, please get in touch with us.

Help us introduce TUGI® to other people who need them!

More information on TUGI and the list of compatible medications can be found here.

Dr. Ivanka Gützlaff, Tel. +49 2674 913 280dr.guetzlaff@ibvmed.de

We offer solution that can make subcutaneous administration of drugs more enjoyable and easier to millions of patients worldwide.

TUGI® applicators help patients to overcome fear of self injecting

  • phobia of syringes
  • stress from the painful and unpleasant application of drugs
  • difficult handling mainly for old patients
Fear of self injecting threatens patients compliance
100's Mill.
Low Molecular Weight Heparin users
  • 312.9 million surgeries WW (estimated in 2012)
  • 22.3 million orthopedic surgeries were performed WW (in 2017)
  • 1.7 million people affected by Venous Thromboembolism each year in the U.S. and EU
  • 8% of the U.S. population has inherited thrombophilias - increases the risk for thrombosis

“I’ve never done something like self-injecting, so it was quite a big shock for me.”

Fraxiparine, woman, 22
~ 2.9 Mill.
patients with multiple sclerosis worldwide

200 new cases of MS are diagnosed each week in the U.S.

“I quickly grasped how to use it, it’s simple and convenient.”

Copaxone, no applicator, woman, 33
~ 2.5 Mill.
women undergoing hormone therapy with IVF cycles every year
  • 90 million couples around the world experiencing fertility problems
  • 9%prevalence of infertility worldwide for women aged 20-44

Qualitative feedback

We performed an in-depth qualitative study on the sample of 30 respondents: 20 patients and 10 professionals. Study was performed by KANTAR the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company.

TUGI® scored the highest possible ranking in being truly Meaningful and Different.

We offer unique acquisition opportunity

Meaningful for millions.

  • Setting new standard of care for LMWH, IVF and MS treatment
  • Patients love and want to use TUGI® applicators
  • Healthcare professionals would recommend TUGI® to their patients

Differentiated product.

  • Market gap - there is nothing like TUGI® on the market
  • Addresses a wide target audience - hundreds of millions users worldwide
  • So simple – so easy to use

Protected investment.

  • IPR protected - patent, utility model, design and trademark (USA, Canada, EU, Asia)
  • Medical device class I (EU statement, FDA process 513(g) in progress)
  • Verified manufacturability (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485)

Let's talk business

We are looking for a strong international player in the field of production and distribution of medical devices.
Partner who will make TUGI available for patients around the world.

Our offer

  • Get exclusive full worldwide IPR and related knowhow for all TUGI® applicators.
  • Buy a compliant license (different types for production/sales).
  • Discuss with us a possible business partnership.